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   On Feb. 27, the Allstar basketball team won their game against Lowell. This team has been able to make multiple wins throughout their season.

   “I think we’re doing really, really well in terms of passing the ball and sharing the ball and being a really good team. We’ve improved on shooting and we have a guy shooting 3’s as you saw today,” Coach Michael Bradner said.

   The team has continued to improve their skills throughout the course of their season and are able to use their new strategies to help them win their games. The team started their game strong as players continued to shoot two-pointers and three-pointers. 

   “My favorite part about going to the games is seeing how happy the kids are when they play and when they score. It’s always very exciting and makes everyone feel great,” Grace Renschen (11) said.

   Not only do the kids get to improve on their basketball skills, they are also able to have a lot of fun with their teammates as well. The team has created a tight bond with each other, and they are able to show the bond while they share the court during their games.

   “Just to see the pure joy on their faces when they win, it’s just a blast for me to be able to do this. And I think we’re a good team and they support each other, they cheer for one another, and we just have good chemistry and build each other up,” Bradner said.

   The Allstar basketball team has given all the kids the opportunity to play a sport and improve their skill for the sport. With a final score of 53-44, the Allstars were able to come together and win against their opponent, Lowell, for the game. Great job to everyone who played.

   “Watching the Allstars play is truly a great thing to witness, and I think everyone should come experience a game for themselves and cheer the team on,” Renschen said.

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Blood, sweat and chalk Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:42:29 +0000

   On Tuesday, Feb. 25 the girls gymnastics team competed against Hobart’s gymnastics team. The girls won the meet with a score of 113.8 breaking the previous school record. Competing in the meet was Maddie Bugg (11). 

   “[Breaking the school record] made me feel proud of the team and their hard work,” Bugg said. 

   Proud of this big feat the girls have had their share of ups and downs this season. With constant improvement comes setbacks. 

   “I’m dealing with some injuries right now so it’s been tough on me, but for my team I think it’s been very good,” Bugg said. 

   While competing on bars Bugg injured both of her ankles landing. While this has become a setback in her gymnastics career, Bugg still persists and helps her team to reach their goals. 

   Someone who shares a love for gymnastics is team manager Zach Tobin (12). Being senior night, Tobin was ecstatic to be there for the team and help out in the remaining meets he has left to attend and help out with. 

   “[This meet was] definitely one of our better meets. We’re really excited to see this team go into the post season especially in sectionals because three of the top five teams from state last year were in sectionals, so tonight was kind of more of a fun night but we definitely have the potential,” Tobin said. 

   The gymnastics team has worked hard to improve their overall score and compete their best throughout the season. For Tobin gymnastics has been a big part of his life and something that he enjoys to be a part of.

   “I started doing this because my family has a gymnastics history, my dad was a state gymnast back in his day and my sister did gymnastics here for four years so I thought I’d hop on [the trend].  It’s really been exciting to see from freshman year barely breaking 100 points and getting almost last place at DAC to being state-worthy and actually getting a medal. It’s been one of the most exciting things that has happened with this team and be able to see that growth. It’s been a very fun experience being able to just watch over one of the lesser known sports,” Tobin  said.

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2/26/20 Forensics Fingerprint Lab Gallery Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:37:10 +0000

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Mrs. Rachel Thomas, Science, held a fingerprint lab with all of her forensic classes. The students were able to leave their fingerprints for their lab groups to collect. After collecting the fingerprints, the students used different methods to make them visible. The lab was to show students how real forensic scientists collect data like fingerprints for cases.

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Q&A: Alysha Wenglarz (10) Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:27:45 +0000 Q:What extracurriculars and honors/AP classes are you in?

A: “I’m in colorguard/winterguard, AP Psychology and English Honors.”


Q: Approximately how much time do you spend at guard practice a week?

A: “On average, I spend about 18 and a half hours at practice every week.”


Q: What does a normal day look like to you?

A: “I wake up and go to school, then I stay after school and wait for practice to start.  I usually get Jimmy John’s during that time. I practice before practice starts and then practice with everyone else during practice.  Then, I go home, do homework, eat, shower and go to sleep.”


Q: How much time do you usually spend on homework a day?

A: “I spend at least 2 hours on homework every night.”


Q: How do you manage your schedule?

A: “I get my work done as soon as I can.”


Q: What has been the hardest activity to manage in your daily life?

A: “Guard has been hard because I’ve been constantly working to improve, but school is tough too because I have to make sure I keep my grades up.”


Q: Is there anything you wish you had more time to do throughout the day?

A: “I wish I had more time to sleep and hang out with friends.”


Q: How do you feel about your schedule?

A: “I feel like my schedule’s pretty hectic, but I do a pretty good job of keeping it together.”


Q: What advice would you give to people looking to balance their extracurricular and academic challenges?

A: “My advice to people is to know your limits and that it’s good to push yourself, but I know at the beginning of the year I was really struggling to balance my workload because I was taking higher level classes and guard.  Then I dropped one of the higher level classes that I was really struggling [with]. That’s just an example of knowing your limits, but you should also keep pushing yourself.”

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Poll: Regular fries vs waffle fries Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:25:38 +0000

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Rebuilding a Family Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:40:23 +0000

Over the weekend the boys swim team competed at sectionals. The meet was held at Lake Central this year. Prelims were held on Thursday, Feb. 20 and Finals for swim were held that Saturday. The sectional team was made with freshmen, sophomores and juniors, and only two seniors as their alternates. 

“I thought we did good as a team. I wanted to do better personally, but the team had some great times. I think we did really well during prelims, most of us were where we wanted to be or even better. I think it was really hard because we lost some really important people last year but I’m really glad with how we came together as a team,” Leo Bowman (10) said.

The team has been working all year welcoming many new swimmers onto the team. After losing five seniors, all who made state last year, the team had a lot of holes to fill. Not only did the team welcome an abundance of new freshmen onto the team but also some sophomores, juniors and seniors. The season and work ethic was not exactly what was anticipated by the newcomers, but after a tough season and hours of practice the team pulled together a sectionals team.

“I joined  because I’ve been racing triathlons recently and I noticed that the weakest part of my race is the swim, so I joined the team as a junior so I could be better prepared for the distance swims. I think this swim season will go well for me, I definitely have a lot of room to improve. Being a first year swimmer the whole ‘swimming is the hardest sport’ mentality was very daunting, it is really tough work. I love the team and everyone on it and am very much enjoying the progress I’ve already made. Swimming isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. Coming from cross country I was expecting a similar training cycle of rests and hard workouts, but I was very wrong. Swimming is just all hard workouts every day,” Daniel Magrath (11) said.

Eric Tinsley (10), Camrom Williams (11), Matt Gasack (10), Ford Crackle (9) and Leo Bowman (10) all placed in the top three on Saturday for their events.  Divers Zach Ramacci (10) and Aidan Blaze (9) placed first and second in the diving portion of the event. The events LC placed top three in were the 4 free, 2 three and 2 medley. Lake Central took overall third in the meet, with Crown Point coming in second and Munster winning the meet.

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Q&A: Sophia Perkovich(10) Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:04:46 +0000  Q:What is your description of theater as a whole?

A: “Theater is like an extracurricular activity where people come together to show their acting talents and other production and behind the scenes skills in order to create a full production that showcases all of those elements.”


Q:When did you start participating in the theater program?

A: “I started participating in the theater program in 6th grade because of my neighbor who was doing theater. I was intrigued with it and she wrote my monologue, which landed me the role of Scarecrow in the production of Oz. Since that moment, I fell in love with it, and in high school started to learn the production side of the process and developed a passion for that as well.”


Q:What is your niche in the program?

A: “I mainly do behind the scene work and specifically costumes. In costumes we design the characters’ clothing based on their personality traits and other elements. Doing costumes has brought out more of my creative side and has introduced me to people who will become life-long friends.”


Q:What part is the most fun for you?

A: “The most fun part for me is getting to see how everything comes together. When you work on a show you see the effort it takes for each individual element. It is so cool to see how everything comes together and it is so fun to work with all the different people.”


Q:What productions have you been a part of so far?

A: “In middle school I was part of two productions, Oz and Comic Book Artist. I acted in both of those productions. In high school I have been a part of Yellow Boat, Women and War and Matilda. In all of these productions, I have done costumes.”

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Poll: First semester vs second semester Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:03:09 +0000

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Q&A: McKenzie Schilling (11) Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:02:51 +0000 Q: What made you want to start taking pictures of the teams here at LC?

A: “I am personally in sports and I know other people want to see their own pictures competing, so I involved myself in that.”


Q: What types of games do you go to? 

A: “I go to football games, track meets, hockey games, basketball games and a few others.”


Q: Do you go in your free time or do you try and go to as many as you can?

A: “I like to go to watch sports in my free time because I am in LC track and an outside softball league, so it’s super cool to experience being a spectator for other sports.”


Q: What do you do with the pictures? 

A: “I post the pictures to my photography account on Instagram and I also send them to whatever players I take pictures of so they can have them.”


Q: Would you ever think of joining pub or doing the pictures for the school?

A: “I dreamed of joining pub my freshman year all the way until now, but my main focus is my family and friends, academics and of course sports, so pub would be too much to add to my plate.  Plus, I like to take pictures that I want to take/pictures that I’m in the mood to take. I don’t like to be forced to take a certain picture. I feel it doesn’t allow me to use my imagination as much.”

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02/25/20 Gymnastics meet gallery Mon, 02 Mar 2020 16:50:49 +0000

The girls gymnastics team competed against the Hobart Brickies on Feb. 26. The ladies defeated the Brickies and move on to sectionals this weekend.

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